Commercial & Industrial Warm Air Heating

Commercial & Industrial Warm Air Heating

Gas, oil fired, hot water, steam or biomass warm air heating is to design a system capable of achieving a minimum pre-determined temperature rise above outside ambient temperatures and theoretical calculations are carried out in accordance with the guide-lines laid down by the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE).

Heating a factory can cost a lot of money which is why we, during the site survey, take into account where valuable warm air can be lost to the atmosphere during the winter months. Holes in the roof and walls, air leaking out of poorly fitting ventilators, doors not properly sealed can all add to the fuel bill.

Smart selection of the right heating technology and clever distribution of heating systems coupled with energy saving devices can make a significant and positive difference to you overheads. One major area of heat loss of warm air in buildings is opening and closing of what can be very large doors and we also offer air barriers to prevent excessive heat loss.

Warm air heating is a well proven economical and energy efficient form of heating for most industrial and commercial buildings.  This form of heating provides even temperature distribution throughout the building ensuring comfortable working conditions for personnel together with protection for the contents and services.

We design and supply both oil fired or gas fired warm air heating systems for factories, warehouses and retail premises. Using floor standing or suspended heating units for all types of industrial and commercial buildings together with high level de-stratification systems when and if required within the building.

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