Commercial & Industrial Radiant Heating

Commercial & Industrial Radiant Heating

Gas, electric or oil fired radiant heating is to design a system capable of achieving a minimum pre-determined temperature rise above outside ambient temperatures and theoretical calculations are carried out in accordance with the guide-lines laid down by the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE).

Radiant heating systems are appropriate for full or partial heating of large, industrial or areas with high extraction rates. Radiant heating has been well proven over the years to be very effective in industrial and commercial premises.

Radiant heating is best explained by considering how the sun emits heat to warm up the earth. The sun’s infrared heat energy radiates through space eventually hitting the earth and warming its surface. Radiant heating works in exactly the same way. A radiant heater warms people and surfaces/objects within its vicinity rather than the air.

Radiant heat takes only minutes to reach comfort temperatures, so energy is never wasted in prolonged warm-up times. If external doors are opened, allowing cold air to enter the building, radiant heating will recover comfort temperatures in just a few minutes.

If your building does not need heating, but a specific working area does, then radiant heating could be the answer.  The heat from a radiant heater is carried by infra red waves just like light energy. So long as an object is not obscured by another it will benefit from that radiant heat.

Radiant heating is also appropriate for heating areas where there is a high amount of either process extraction or general ventilation losses.

Radiant Heating Benefits:

 • Reduced running costs.

 • Even heat coverage at low level

 • Does not directly heat the air – ideal in areas of high air infiltration

 • Minimises roof heat losses – reduced stratification

 • Systems can be controlled easily to provide varying zoned temperatures and operating times

 • Rapid heat up and recovery times

 • Easy to install and operate

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